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Scarborough Community Archive

The Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society started interviewing and recording local residents' memories in 2006. Photographs were scanned and reminiscences typed up.
The project was made possible thanks to the National Lottery Fund and over the past 6 years over 600 people have been involved and over 300 hours of volunteer time has been committed.
All information has been given freely and its accuracy depends entirely on the contributors involved.
The community archive is made available for all to share and welcomes any new contributions, additions or corrections.
Email :  for more information.

The picture archives

Here is a link to the main archive where you can see many photos and records supplied by local people.

Scarborian memories - people, in surname order

Transcripts of the stories and memories collected so far are available below.
Dennis Allen;
Margaret Baker;
Norman and Jean Bogie;
Charles Braithwaite;
Mrs Bremner;
D B Brown;
Dorothy Crosby;
ETW Dennis;
Jenny Drewery;
Joan Hey;
Jaqueline Hick;
Mrs Hodgkinson;
Glenis Hunter;
Henry Marshall;
Pam Morgan;
Eddie Morris;
Richard Percy;
Lindy Rowley;
Wilf Sherwood;
Eileen Smith;
Margaret Smolensky;
Bob Taylor;
Malcolm Waller;
Jean Wallington;

Places and other topics;
Castle foot swim;
Football club history;
Gallows Close by C Braithwaite;
Hollywood Plaza;
Marine Drive;
Methodists in Scarborough;
Peasholm Park Naval Warfare;

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