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Out of Print Publications

We are pleased to announce that, as part of our 75th anniversary year, the 50 of our publications which are out of print have been digitised by the Internet Archive and are now available online; all publications are free to download and search.

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** NEW **
Scarborough at War
Stewart MacDonald
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
ISBN 9780902416109

This book explores the impact of the Second World War on Scarborough.

The town shared closely in the wartime national struggle, yet its citizens also had their own unique story of community challenge and endurance. Child evacuees, many described as ‘wretched’, descended on Scarborough in large numbers, and the British Army arrived in a ‘sea of khaki’ to defend the town against invasion. The RAF took over the resort’s larger hotels for the initial training of aircrew, whilst code breaking at Bletchley Park was aided by the work of Scarborough’s secret naval listening station.

Amid the dizzying changes of wartime, controversy arose about the role of women and about the worrying behaviour of ‘youth running wild’ and ‘good-time girls’. In 1941 a stormy wartime by-election shook local political life. Attacking local fishermen at sea early in the war, the Luftwaffe went on to inflict death and destruction on the town itself. Having reflected on the dislocating changes of wartime, the book looks at how the community responded to post-war challenges, tackling the housing crisis, for example, and reviving the damaged hospitality industry.

The author, Stewart MacDonald, taught history at Scarborough Sixth Form College and is now a volunteer at the Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre.


‚ÄčRosedale Mines and Railway
R.H. Hayes and J.G. Rutter
ISBN 9780902416123


Almost one hundred years after they closed, Rosedale's ironestone mines and railway are a unique legacy which gives visitors and enthusiasts an opportunity to explore and discover the dale's little known but nationally important contribution to the Industrial Revolution.

With updated research, maps, photographs, illustrations and track plans, this book documents the dramatic growth, heyday and decline of the Rosedale Mines and Railway.

Trods of the North York Moors: A Gazetteer of Flagged Paths
Chris Evans
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
ISBN 9780902416093

Anyone who has walked on the North York Moors has come across flagged paths, or trods. Once commonplace, trods have been fast disappearing since 1900 when photographers such as Frank Sutcliffe and Tom Watson captured their ubiquity in villages, along dales and on the moors.

Trods of the North York Moors contributes to the preservation of the existing flagged paths by charting their exact locations and by explaining to readers - be they walkers, archaeologists, historians or geographers - the unique nature of their historical significance.

The Archaeology of Medieval Scarborough
Excavation and Research 1987–2004

Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
ISBN 9780902416086

Little remains of the large and important town which stood in the shadow of Scarborough's imposing castle in the Middle Ages. Nearly 20 years of excavation and historical research by the Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society have, however, reconstructed the main features of what was a vibrant centre of mediaeval urban life. This book describes that research and analyses it to build up a comprehensive picture of what the town looked like between 1150 and 1550.

  A Guide to Historic Scarborough
Scarborough Archaeological and Historical Society
ISBN 9780902416079

  This short, lavishly illustrated book will take you on an expert, up-to-date tour of Scarborough's long and exciting history. Drawing upon recent archaeological and historical work, the Guide is a perfect companion for residents and visitors alike who want to explore and understand the town's historic buildings, fortifications, churches, streets, harbour and art.

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